I was in my twenties and I didn't know a thing about the home buying process and, unfortunately, the agent I worked with made a lot of assumptions about what I knew about the home buying process (spoiler alert: I didn't know anything). He didn't take the time to educate me about any of the steps and it ended up costing me thousands of dollars and tears, for that matter. When all was said and done, I thought to myself that there was no good reason why, in this day and age, home buyers shouldn't have easy access to all the information they need about the huge life event in which they are about to participate. I mean we aren't talking about picking a place for brunch, this is a major life decision that requires massive amounts of time, energy, resources and, yeah, money. 

Once I became a licensed agent years later, I used that memory of buying my first house to create systems that eliminate as many pain points as possible for both home buyers and sellers. Our Hive Guides lay everything out step by step and our systems are designed so that you never have to feel like the real estate process is something that happens to you. I know we've done our job well when our clients start talking about the real estate process like we in the industry do.

As someone who likes to take complicated things and make them easy, my biggest goal is to put you in the driver's seat of your real estate experience. Our team will give you all of the information, tools and contacts you need; and, most importantly, we'll take care of all of the things you don't have the time or patience to tackle because at Hive, we want you to walk away smarter, happier and confident that you made the right investment in both time and money.

If you think that this sounds like a good way to do real estate, we should talk. Get in touch with me directly at 250-797-9067 or shyla@shylayoung.com to talk about how we can create your ideal real estate experience.

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